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Are you looking for the best transmission services for your Mercedes Benz? At Mercedes Benz Techs, you are at the right place. We always recommend regular transmission servicing of your Benz even if it has modern automatic transmission to prevent or eliminate major transmission hauls. Mercedes Benz Techs services transmissions of all kinds, whether it is your brand new Mercedes Benz SLK 350 or an year old E350 transmission with the most reliable and affordable […]

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There is a myth that Mercedes “service” is just a fancy word for “oil change”, in this article we will explain the importance of having your car serviced at a Mercedes designated repair shop or your local dealer…Not all car maintenance facilities are the same! You drive your Benz down the road and a light pops up on your dash saying you are 100 miles away from service “A”, what should you do? Although many places […]

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With the approach of autumn, you probably start planning to get your family ready for cooler weather by taking out winter clothes out of the storage, turning on the heater or making some hot stews for dinner instead of light summer salads. And just as you take care of your loved ones, you also need to prepare your vehicle for the approaching cold weather. Every year, severe cold causes thousands of road accidents. And often […]

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Once you own a Mercedes Benz, it becomes an important part of your life. It is your pride and taking care of your pride is your duty. You cannot just give it to any ordinary service provider for any maintenance work, be it big or small. Being a machine, parts of car have a certain life and during the whole life they need some maintenance. But once the life of any part is over it […]

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Mercedes Benz is known for its speed and adventure. When you are driving it high and high, brakes are the part which has the right control over your thrill. When you know that brakes of your car are working perfectly, you have confidence on your driving. Because you know that you can manage your speed. But just imagine – Your car is running very fast and suddenly you need to push the brake but your […]