Mercedes Benz Techs – A One-Stop Shop for all your Mercedes Benz Transmission Issues

Are you looking for the best transmission services for your Mercedes Benz?

At Mercedes Benz Techs, you are at the right place. We always recommend regular transmission servicing of your Benz even if it has modern automatic transmission to prevent or eliminate major transmission hauls.

Mercedes Benz Techs services transmissions of all kinds, whether it is your brand new Mercedes Benz SLK 350 or an year old E350 transmission with the most reliable and affordable services. We provide our affordable services near Doraville, Sandy Springs, Buckhead or Chamblee at our convenient location in Norcross.

Just like replacing your engine oil, transmission replacement is an essential part of your routine maintenance. It not only affects your Benz’s performance but can also pose safety hazards. It is important to have your transmission maintained according to the owner’s manual or repaired only by a trained Mercedes professional. At Mercedes Benz Techs, the veteran team of techs professionally diagnoses your Benz before changing parts. We are committed in maintaining your Mercedes using top grade parts and diagnostic softwares.

If your transmission is making unusual noises, we recommend you to bring your vehicle to us rather than going to a dealership shop where they can charge you twice the price for a transmission rebuild.

A general transmission repair includes replacing of minimum amount of part to make the transmission functional instead of rebuild or complete replacement. We offer the highest quality reliable transmission repair, transmission diagnostic and maintenance services. The transmission services we provide includes draining fluid from transmission, removing transmission oil pan and replacing pan gasket and transmission filter, and refilling with synthetic transmission fluid.

We believe that each customer should discuss his vehicle’s issue directly to techs who have vast knowledge and experience rebuilding Mercedes Benz transmissions.

Call us now at 770-837-3888 with your requirements. Our techs are eager to provide you prompt services.


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