Difference Between Oil Change and Mercedes Recommended Services

There is a myth that Mercedes “service” is just a fancy word for “oil change”, in this article we will explain the importance of having your car serviced at a Mercedes designated repair shop or your local dealer…Not all car maintenance facilities are the same!

You drive your Benz down the road and a light pops up on your dash saying you are 100 miles away from service “A”, what should you do? Although many places offer a very attractive starting cost for oil change, we decided to bring to your attention this article so you understand the difference in quality and value between a conventional oil change and a Mercedes service interval.

To understand the difference between regular oil change and a professional service you have to understand the dynamics of a machine, although this article does not go in depth into explaining how a car works we will cover the basics of why a service interval is essential to the quality and safety of your car performance nevertheless the prevention of future cost of repairs.

At Mercedes Benz Techs on any service interval we take the initiative to educate our customers about their vehicles, not only we make recommendations for necessary repairs but we also explain the reason for our recommendations and help our customers budget for future repairs and preventive maintenance so take care of what is the most important first in order to operate a safe vehicle

While other repair facilities trying to compensate for low start price by selling you additional things your car may not need we follow a very strict schedule specifically designed by your car manufacture to optimize the performance and long life of your vehicle

We perform a thorough inspection of all your drive train and braking elements, make notes and recommendations, we inspect your tires and suspension we, off course replace your oil, filter and crush nut with original Mercedes parts, we not only top all fluids but we actually measure quality of fluids and make recommendations if flushing is required. We always clean motor air filters and only if necessary recommend replacing so you can rest assured that we will not try to sale you new air filters as most places would. We lubricant all hinges and joints of your car and on convertible tops we use special Mercedes oil to ensure durability and long lasting mechanism.


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