Kyle asked 8 years ago

Hoping for some advice/help. 
So here\’s my story.  2006 C230 Sport, 722.998, 118,000 miles.   I\’ve owned for 5 years, no signs of tranny issues in past.  Car sat for a week while on vacation, came home, wife drove for 2 days with no issue.  I get in, go for a quick ride, check engine oil light comes on.   Also recently had issue with right turn signal light (prolly unrelated).  Car struggles to shift down and accelerate up a hill for like 3 seconds at maybe 30-40 mph,  (in classic mode) then boom, car completely dies (engine off), no power steering, nothing.  Coast off road.  Restart, no gears at all….car will not move.  Weird sound from engine, kinda shaking, and clangy sound from engine (thought it was a flopping belt at first).  I put 1/2 quart of oil in engine, let it settle.  Came back and started car 30 minutes later, sound was gone.  Check engine light, P0730 comes on.  No weird sounds now, no car movement, nothing.   Engine sounds perfect in N.  When in any gear, car acts as though its neutral, but pedal acceleration is not the same as P.  I\’ve been suspecting a oil level sensor failure is why the engine oil could have been low.  Negative battery terminal was also corroded again, cleaned once after a no start a couple years ago, no problem since.  Battery is over 5 years old at least. 

Towed to dealership, I don\’t have full codes from them yet, or know 100% what exactly they did, but will tomorrow. They say no hydraulic pressure to engage gears, period.  Wheels would not spin on lift in any gear.  What a diagnosis!  I hope they thought this through a little more than that.  Of course they say new tranny is needed.  Big $$$$.  I cannot believe this, it has to be an electrical issue somewhere, not mechanical.  I had also not changed the tranny fluid since I owned the car, dealer said it was dirty, but didn\’t mention shavings.  Not even sure if they even really dropped the pan.
For some reason since my car didn\’t even get a chance at limp mode, and hasn\’t since, and  it completely died in motion, I believe the issue presents a little different.

I\’m hoping you might have some advice or wisdom that I could ask them to check. I will send you the full dealer printouts tomorrow if you can help.  You seem to be the wizard of the 722.9.

Thank you!