Ask a TechnicianCategory: Transmission ServicesIntermittant shifting?
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

Hi Guys, hoping you can help me here, I have a 2013 C63 AMG with about 65k km and I have noticed lately that when I reverse out from the driveway and then put it in drive it takes longer for it to get into drive. So once I put it into drive from reverse there have been times I have pressed the gas to go, engine revs but not move, then it kicks into gear (sometimes hard mostly softly) and then I am able to drive.  Also I have noticed that when at a stop light I have my foot on the brake pedal, then once light turns green and I push the gas it takes a bit longer for it to get going and suddenly it kicks in (again sometimes hard mostly softly) and then I am able to drive off.  Car drives perfectly otherwise. Again this happens intermittanly most of the time 8/10 no problems at all. I have not taken it to the dealer yet, wanting to have an idea of what I’m looking at before I go as dealers themselves have no clue sometimes, hoping to get some direction.  Wish you guys were in Toronto.
Will a transmission oil change fix this or something more?

David Jacov Staff replied 8 years ago

Thanks for contacting us, obviously there is some kind of an issue with your transmission, when it comes to transmissions it is very complicated to pin point the problem, especially when you can’t get any fault code on normal diagnosis you describe, if you are a do it yourself type of guy or if you have an independent service provider that willing to work with you, I would recommend flushing the fluid, replacing filter and gasket and refilling fluid at correct level, your problem can be caused for few various reasons, I am not going to get into the dynamics of a transmission nor I am going to explain how it works, you can find many YouTube’s explaining that however, I will tell you that low fluid level can cause the transmission not to engage properly, since it is a closed transmission, you will find it a very challenging job to do it yourself…if replacing fluid did not correct the issue and under the assumption that you get no fault codes, I would recommend having it inspected by a repair shop.. it may be your torque converter, valve body(sticky valve) updates on your software or a bad solenoid, whichever it is, you will need a professional opinion. thanks.