Ask a TechnicianCategory: Transmission Services2002 C240 Transmission not shift
Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I have a 2002 C240. The transmission is not shifting second gear. I repaired the conductor plate and I put in some transmission ATF. After that, the transmission won’t move at all. Please help me. 

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David Jacov Staff answered 9 years ago

Hey JL, you have the 722.6 transmission which is a 5 gear transmission, when I get a car in the shop with equal symptoms what I do first is connect the diagnosis tool so I can pull codes to direct me to what cause the transmission not to shift, it can be many different reasons not necessarily only the conductor plate..after I find out what the problem is, I fix it and than connect the diagnosis tool again to delete all codes, I did have cases where not deleting the codes caused the issue to consist although the part was order for me to direct you to the right repair I will need more information, Why did you think the plate is bad? what codes did you read? what tool did you use to read the codes, did you clear codes after the repair? did you have more codes that you did not repair?? this are only few questions I have give me some more information so I can help you fix the problem. thanks