Mercedes Benz Camshaft Position Sensor: Get It Replaced at Mercedes Benz Tech in Atlanta

The camshaft sensor of your Mercedes vehicle may malfunction at any point in time due to any number of reasons (overheating, completion of service life, etc).

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If such an eventuality were to occur, you may rest assured your Mercedes is capable of informing you of the problem by activating the ‘check engine ‘light while simultaneously displaying the relevant code for the car’s CAM sensor.

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Apart from that, there are many other signs that would help you understand that your Mercedes Camshaft position sensor needs to be replaced, some Performance Problems Due to Crankshaft Position Sensor include:

Start- stop-start

This is by far the most common problem when dealing with a faulty CAM sensor. One day the vehicle would start fine and the next day it would refuse to do so and just when you are debating with yourself as to whether you should have the vehicle checked, it would start working fine all over again.

Vehicle stops after some time

This is also another issue that you may have to face, your Mercedes automobile may be cruising along on the highway and it would suddenly stop right in the middle of the road for no conceivable reason, only to restart again after a few minutes.

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This is due to the sensor overheating and it would get progressively worse with time, if the sensor is not replaced as soon as possible.

Low power

When you step on the accelerator, the car responds quite sluggishly and does not give you the power and acceleration that you are accustomed to with your Mercedes. This is caused by the incorrect information the CAM sensor is feeding the main computer in your car.

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Under the circumstances, the best thing to do is to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic who would replace the sensor for you. We at Mercedes Benz Techs have not just the right technicians for the job but also the right parts, built to factory specifications to ensure that your vehicle is as close to being factory perfect as possible.

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If you need to a new CAM sensor for your Mercedes in Gwinnett County, do give us a call.  We work only with Mercedes vehicles and have a lot of experience and know how to fix problems with the Crankshaft Position Sensor.