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Mercedes Benz Airmatic systems are the revolutionary ‘next link’ in the art and science of suspension systems. Basically, the core purpose of any suspension system is to ensure that the shocks and bumps found on the road are not transferred to the drivers. Furthermore, they also make sure that the vehicle does not ‘weave’ on the roads and the driver is in complete control, all the time.

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This is where an Airmatic Mercedes Benz comes into the picture. Unlike conventional leaf springs (for many non-conventional off road vehicles) and coil steel springs that are usually found on most other suspension systems, the Mercedes Airmatic suspension system uses air springs to ensure that all the shocks that are incurred due to bumpy roads are instantly adjusted by the shock absorption and (proprietary) Adaptive Damping System or ADS that comes as standard in several Airmatic Mercedes vehicles.

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However, as with all things mechanical, even a Mercedes may develop certain issues after a period of prolonged and rough usage. Typically, Mercedes Airmatic problems are few and far between.

Nevertheless, such issues can potentially arise and your Airmatic Mercedes may not be performing up to expectations. This can be due a variety of reasons from the age of your Mercedes Benz Airmatic, to the handling of the vehicles on broken and potholed roads as well.

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Luckily, we at Mercedes Benz Techs, have a vast amount of experience when it comes to working with Mercedes Airmatic suspension systems. We are always well stocked with exclusive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for every Airmatic Mercedes vehicle that we tend to work on.

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All our mechanics and technicians are suitably well versed in working with Mercedes Benz Airmatic systems and we are thoroughly aware of any problems that can occur in the same, enabling us to rectify them accordingly. Should you need to get your Mercedes Benz Airmatic suspension system checked in the vicinity of Gwinnett County, please do give us a call.