Mercedes Winter Care $795

Mercedes Winter Care Package $795

  • Flush brake fluids ( $150 value)
  • Flush coolant fluids($150 value)
  • Replace serpentine belt ($95 value, on most models)
  • Change engine oil, filter and oil pan crush nut ($105 value)
  • Replace windshield wiper $85 value
  • Flush power steering wheel fluids ($85 value)
  • Inspect battery
  • Inspect braking system
  • Inspect charging and starting system
  • Inspect and rotate tires on most models and correct tire pressure
  • Inspect for leaks or malfunctions
  • Inspect all lighting system
  • Lube all hinges
  • Clean cabin filter and clean engine filters
  • Check spare tire and correct pressure
  • Inspect first aid and emergency equipment
  • Visually inspect overall condition of vehicle and report to customers.

All done with original Mercedes lubes and parts For a total of $795
A well spent $795!!!